Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

5 Not so Mainstream tips to save money online while shopping

Shopping online isn’t such a hurdle, and doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket if you just know the right time and right metrics to look for.

We all buy one thing or other online, be it something as small as Books, or King Size beds. And still somehow your neighbor might always get the same product at 60-70% of the price you paid for.

How exactly? It’s not like the E-commerce platforms have any kind of personal deals with him, he too probably has read a guide like this on saving money while buying things online, and uses them to his advantage.

Well good for you, that’s exactly what this piece is about. By the end of this article, you’ll be saving atleast 10-15% of your cash every time you next shop online.

Networking on Forums:-

It’s more or less the same as using “price comparison” websites, the only difference is, in this method you actually interact with real humans instead of bots and automated notifications.

There are a lot of “E-shoppers networks” out there, which let you interact with other buyers online, you can grab a bit of their knowledge of which is the best time to buy a certain category of product, the best discounts and the best platforms for a specific kind of product.

Just go to Google and search for:- E-commerce Forums and you’ll get a plethora of results!

Use Coupons:-

There’s no better way to save some cash, than using discount coupons. Almost every E-commerce portal promotes its products via coupons.

All you’ve got to do is, search either on Google or directly checkout platforms like for something like “Swiggy coupons”. Just replace “swiggy” with the platform you’re digging the keyword for.

A descent search term like Zoomcar coupons can get you great money-saver discount coupons as well.

Keep an Eye Out on Social Media:-

You can’t ignore the power of Social media when it comes to saving money on E-commerce platforms.

All the major e-commerce brands promote and share their deals and discounts via social media banners and ads.

Just like their pages, subscribe to notifications and keep an eye out and you should be stumbling across one deal or another just about every week,

Price Comparison Sites:-

You being a human, can’t simultaneously search on hundreds of E-commerce portals for the same products and compare the price manually.

It’s just too tiring and takes the fun out of E-shopping. Well that’s why price comparison portals were made.

They do the heavy lifting for you, all you’ve got to do is key in the product you want and wait couple seconds.

They’ll get you a list of all the sites which are offering the product, and their prices.

From there, just choose the products you want on the price you want and you’re done! You’d be amazed at the kind of price differences there are for the same product online.

Check the Reviews Out:-

If you want to get “better” products than the one you’re currently aiming for, at lower prices than the one your current product is priced at, reviews are your best friends.

Just scroll down a bit and you can see real customer reviews. Many a times there are comments like “Don’t go with this product, instead go with product Y, for reasons a,b, c  d”.

Now tell me, if that’s not spoon-feeding, what is? Most often than not, you’ll end up with better products than the one you were previously going to get.

Final Words:-

I’m not saying these were the ultimate money-saver tips, nope! There are a hundred other such tricks you can employ.

The point is, these definitely will bring the heat on your pockets down, compared to a normal search and buy shopping.