Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

4 of the Best Apps for Remote Workers

There are probably more remote workers now than there ever were in the past. The pandemic caused this fundamental change in how people work. More companies than ever allow their employees to work from home, and many of those workers love this change.

Other businesses that resist this change are having a hard time retaining their workforce, and with good reason. The technology exists now so that workers for many companies can log into their employer’s software suite and do all the work that they once had to drive to the office to do. Why would someone remain with a company that won’t let them avoid rush hour traffic every day?

Remote workers are also finding various ways to restructure their lives, and often, apps are part of how they do that. Let’s talk about a few of the better remote worker apps. If you’re working remotely and you don’t have these on your phone yet, you might want to consider installing them today.

The Amazon App

If you work from home now, you likely have a lot on your mind. Remote workers should think about network security with Radius MFA when they log into their employer’s software. You’ll also need to focus on whatever assignments your job gives you.

If you’re not careful, all of this can distract you from whatever else is going on in your life. You want to make sure you do all the work your job assigns you, but you also want to maintain your home life. The Amazon app is a convenient way for you to do that.

With the Amazon app, you can order just about anything. You might remember that it’s your significant other’s birthday in a few days, so you buy them something they’ll like from Amazon. You may order some new mugs for your morning coffee or a new leash for your dog that you need to walk twice every day.

Having the Amazon app on your phone is a way you can keep up with whatever your life brings. You may discover that you end up using it several times every week.

The Uber App

If you work from home, you might still have your own vehicle, but you might find that it makes sense for you to get rid of it. If you don’t own a car, you can save a lot of money on things like gas, insurance, and upkeep costs. If you no longer have a vehicle, though, you still need a way to get around.

You can always take public transportation if there are some options nearby. However, you might also want to spend a little more money to get yourself a private ride. That’s what the Uber app is all about.

You can call for an Uber that will take you to and from a doctor or dentist appointment. You might take one to and from a grocery store. That way, you can pick up some groceries, and it’s much easier taking the bags home in a private car than trying to take them with you on public transportation.

The Home Depot App

You might also want to have the Home Depot app on your phone if you work from home. As you’re working in your residence, you’ll need to dedicate some time to your job, but you may also have more free time when you’re in your house, and you’ll probably notice some things you need to fix. Maybe you see a leaky bathroom faucet, or perhaps you need to patch a discolored carpet section.

The Home Depot app allows you to see what your local Home Depot has in stock. You can set up an order that you can pick up at the store. If you still have a car, you can head to the nearest Home Depot and pick up whatever you need.

The Target App

The Target app is another useful one if you work from home. If there’s a Target close to you, you can see what they have available, similar to the Home Depot app. You can select items, and the Target employees will get your order ready.

Assuming you have a car, you can drive to Target when you’re ready and get what you need. Target is a good place to shop because you can replenish your kitchen supplies if you need food, but you can also purchase toiletries, buy some new clothes, get some small appliances, and more.