Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022
Guest Post

4 Best Reasons To Be a Guest Blogger

During the last few years, guest blogging has gained a lot of attention. More businesses have realized the potential for growth by implementing this strategy. There are several reasons why people are utilizing their time in learning this art. Here are the top four reasons why you should become a guest blogger:

1. Attract Visitors

This is the major reason why people prefer guest blogging. If the post goes live on one of the authority blogs, it will bring quality visitors. The number of visitors will depend upon the readership of the blog accepting the guest post. If it’s an authority blog read by millions all around the world, the number of visitors can go up to thousands. Quality visitors dedicate their time in reading what the author who has guest posted has to offer personally on his/her blog or business website. Some of them may become loyal readers and refer you to others.

2. Build authority of your domain

Guest blogging can increase the authority of your domain. This is because search engines give preference to domains with authority links, and by guest posting on authority websites, you can convince the search engines to categorize your domain as an authority one. This also saves on cost of taking services of search engine optimization agencies who often charge high rates for building authority links.

3. Establish credibility

Ask yourself, who are you going to find more credible? An author who has writes on a single blog)? Or an author who appears on multiple authoritative blogs apart from the personal blog? You’re likely to find the second one more credible. Guest blogging will let you reach a wider range of audience, and through making guest posts continuously, you’ll be able to convince them that they can trust you. If the authors are attached to a business, the credibility of the authors will also increase the reputation the business.

4. New opportunities

By becoming a guest blogger, you’ll be able to build relationships with experts in your industry. Networking is a great way to discover new opportunities. This can include new clients and perhaps joint business ventures. Exploring new opportunities and taking advantage at the right time is the gateway to business growth and success, and guest blogging can help you along the way.

After reading the reasons for becoming a guest blogger, you may we wondering how to start this venture? Here are some guidelines to help you get going.

5. Come up with ideas

The first requirement of being a guest blogger is having multiple ideas. Websites who allow for contribution may not like the initial idea, and may ask you to suggest something different. It’s better that you think of multiple ideas at the beginning to avoid any communication gap because if you take time in making a different suggestion, the accepting party may lose interest in what you have to offer.

6. Research for guest blogging opportunities

The next step would be to research for guest blogging opportunities within and outside your area of expertise. The easiest way to do this is through search engines. For example, if you run a business website selling smartphone accessories, you can search for terms like ‘technology guest writers wanted’, ‘android guest bloggers required’, ‘guest post write for us iPhone’ etc. The results will contain a list of possible blogs who are interested in guest bloggers. MediaWhiz Holdings LLC and other marketing agencies may also have information about the list of blogs that accept contribution.

7. Focus on adding value

If someone has allowed you to contribute, don’t take this as a ticket to sell your business. This is just going to affect your reputation in a negative way, and your guest blogging journey may come to an end even before it started. The ultimate focus should be to add value and complement the content already present on the website of the publisher. Valuable posts are respected by visitors, and people are going to find you sooner or later if they gain something from your contribution.

8. Start out low

You should start out this venture at a slow pace. If you go on promising daily contribution to accepting websites or writing a series every week but fail to do so, there’s a high chance of your reputation getting damaged. The better way to go about it is to offer timely contributions, maybe one post per week or a couple of posts per month. This will allow you to have greater control over the schedule and will also give you time to make revisions to present the best guest post possible.

These guidelines are going to help you in your quest on becoming a guest blogger and if you’re dedicated, you’ll be able to grow your business through the benefits guest blogging has to offer.