Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022

10 Must Have Security Plugins for WordPress in 2013

Security threats are increasing day by day and hence you need to update yourself with latest security tools. If you are using WordPress for your blogging purposes, you have to consider latest security plugins applicable for 2013 year also. Here is the list of top ten plugins you should have in your WordPress in 2013 for enhancing its security:

Login Security Solution


This plugin has got all advanced features to provide best security for your WordPress blog in 2013. This plugin enforces password strength parameters and there is option for ‘password aging’ also. It is possible to enforce password reset for all users at once. Admin can be able to set log out idle sessions in an automatic fashion. Rather than locking out the IP addresses, this plugin will slow down the response times in a gradual away.

Semisecure Login Reimagined


For sending login information through SSL every time you login your WordPress admin panel, you might have to spend huge amounts for getting SSL certificate and also to get dedicated IP address. But this plugin can provide such high levels of security even without spending huge costs. This plug will encrypt the login information automatically, and hence it would become difficult for anyone to steal the credentials of your login.

WP Login Security 2


This plugin is one of the most popular plugins for security on WordPress. This will send email to the registered email id of the user if he or she tries to login to the WP admin from unknown or new IP address. Only when he or she clicks the link given in the email, access will be provided.

WordPress Firewall 2

This plugin will take the responsibility of inspecting all the incoming traffic for the purpose of identifying if someone send malicious requests or if someone tries to put data in your database.

Block Bad Queries


This plugin will extend the firewall settings and is very much helpful in filtering the incoming traffic. This will result in the prevention of entry of hackers.

WordPress File Monitor Plus


Working of plugin is based on the tracking of changes done to your file system. The admin will get email notification whenever there is change or addition or removal of any files.

WP Security Scan

This plugins makes regular checking of file and folder permissions of your server file storage system. It also does few other things to ensure that those which are intended to be locked down are in the intended way.

Update Notifications


By employing this plugin, you can automatically keep your WordPress updated to the latest version. You will receive email notification whenever there is update for themes or plugins or core WordPress.



It is one of the latest security plugins. This one will compare the theme, plugin and core files on the information with that of official version in WP repository. If there are any differences, it will send email notification.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

This is the plugin from a company which is specialized in cleaning up the infected sites. It would be economical to clean up your site or blog, if it has been infected.

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